Downtown Brattleboro is home to some of the most unique Festivals, Parades, and Celebrations anywhere.

Monthly Gallery Walks (the first Friday of every month), set the tone for this small, but lively arts-centric community. Dozens of merchants and galleries downtown and in the surrounding area display selected artwork from local, regional, and even international artists.

One of the most iconic events downtown is the ever-evolving Strolling of the Heifers. Inspired by Spain’s “Running of the Bulls”, this is a much more nurturing celebration of our bovine friends and local farmers.

As much fun as the cows can be, dancing may be an even more favored way for Brattleboro-ites and visitors to celebrate. The Southern Vermont Dance Festival continues to grow, along with the very unique Brattleboro African Dance & Drum Festival, and the Brattleboro Dawn Dance.

Downtown regularly features live music- on street, as well as inside. You may find yourself inspired for a little spontaneous kicking-up of the heels yourself.

If you prefer books and films, you’re in luck. The Brattleboro Literary Festival, Women’s Film Festival, and the Brattleboro Film Festival offer access to world-class authors and films.

Be sure to check out our online calendar for a list of current events and things to do in Brattleboro.