Brattleboro is a town that offers a bit of a time warp with some of the sophistication and cultural vibe of an urban city.  – come here and slow down. Step Back.

Get ready for your packed full of fun day by sampling Brattleboro coffee roaster Mocha Joe’s for an espresso or iced latte in their underground coffee shop. Next stop taking in the arts scene that highlights local talent as well as national artists whom show in Brattleboro. Mitchell Giddings Gallery, Gallery in the Woods, Vermont Artisans and Brattleboro Museum & Art Center will inspire your inner artist or at least leave you longing to add to your personal collection.

A quick walk from the Brattleboro Museum & Art center is the NH/VT bridge for a glorious view up the Connecticut River. From here you can choose to hike up Mt. Wanntastiquet for the best view of Main St. and surrounding town.  If a moderate hike is not your idea of fun then surely your legs will get ample exercise exploring the 1 city block long Sam’s Outdoor Store with an amazing selection of outdoor gear as well as free popcorn that no visit to Brattleboro is complete without! Make sure to ask to see the Ice Saw that was used to cut ice blocks in Brattleboro back when refrigeration still depended on it. It hangs on the wall in the ground floor.

Exit out the shoe section and 1 block down is Lester Dunklee’s Machine Shop.  Since 1922, this shop has been owned and operated by three generations of the Dunklee’s.  Step in and you will wonder how any town gets by without a Dunklee. “As long as there are machines, people will have to have things repaired.”  – David Dunklee, 1977

Lunch at Superfresh Organic Cafe is the perfect spot for incredible fruit & vegetable smoothies and vegan fare while looking out over the Whetstone River. Then back up Main Street to not only have a fun filled afternoon shopping but to see the quirky relics of our past:

First stop Burrows as it is hard to walk past a Penny-Farthing bicycle without imaging the fun and challenges for the riders in the late 19th century. How long would it take you to master the fast of getting into the high high high seat. And take a second to imagine the riders who would fall over the handlebars when they hit an unexpected hole or rough place to road – even so they were hugely popular and it is incredible ode to bicycling through the years.

Back Room Audio has a vinyl collection beyond belief and Brattleboro’s own Brown & Roberts Hardware store puts Home Depot to shame. Just make sure you check out the 5 foot long chain saw in the window  Now that will make any job easier!

As the sun sets, walk up Eliot Street to sample Hermit Thrush Brewery beer flight and then enjoy a Korean dinner at Shin-La or a contemporary American fine dining treat at Peter Havens.


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