Toys, Games, Puzzles, Musical Instruments, Classes, and more!

  • Star Wars and Star Trek figures,
  • Dr. Who memorabilia,
  • current and classic collectible figures,
  • science experiments for kids,
  • nerdy clothing and jewelry, and a
  • wide selection of new and used books for geeks, starting at just one dollar!
  • distinctive musical instruments, including brands such as Fender, Gibson and Danelectro
  • guitar strings, straps, and other accessories
  • working R2-D2 unit to play with in-store

The Geek School inside Positive Geek offers classes in astronomy and other sciences, computers, music, and other nerdy subjects. Small class sizes allows for a personalized learning experience, and one-on-one music lessons are also available.

  • Address: 22 Harmony Place, Brattleboro
  • Social:
  • Best Known For: Geeking Out and Loving It
  • Proprietor: James Maynard
  • Website: