• Woman Cooking Three Stones

Three Stones Restaurant

Mexican – Mayan cuisine cooked with tradition and love. This family owned and operated restaurant on the outskirts of Downtown Brattleboro

The ancient Maya cooked on three stones and a fire. Those recipes were passed down through the centuries. Our family is inspired to share the experience of Mayan culture through our cooking. Infused in many of our dishes is the culture of Yucatan, where the Mayan culture and language is very much alive. Our menu includes something for every taste, from light to hearty dishes, mild to hot sauces, from vegan to meat options. We hope you will enjoy your journey into the colorful world of Mexican Mayan flavors!


Wed- Sat 5 – 9pm


105 Canal St,
Brattleboro, VT 05301

(802) 246-1035