Visit Brattleboro, Vermont, to feel the Love! #LoveBrattleboroVT is a charge, a challenge, a statement, and a command. It’s a love letter from the Town, host to 1000+ arts and culture events each year, welcoming visitors to Brattleboro with open arms. You will fall in love with Brattleboro again and again.

The #LoveBrattleboroVT campaign is funded by 10% of the 1% Rooms & Meals tax collected in Brattleboro. Thank you to the Selectboard and the Town Meeting Reps for the nod of support for the businesses and organizations in our community who work so hard every day to build up our community.

Inviting all to visit our community

The term BIPOC stands for ‘Black, Indigenous, People of Color.’ It is meant to unite all people of color in the work for liberation while intentionally acknowledging that not all people of color face the same levels of injustice. By specifically naming Black and Indigenous people, we are recognizing that Black and Indigenous people face the worst consequences of systemic white supremacy, classism, and settler colonialism. – Sunrise Movement

Our small business owners, organization leaders and community come from diverse backgrounds and cultures and share this with our community through food, goods, and experiences. It is part of what makes Brattleboro special.

We as the Community Marketing Initiative Team are actively focused on reaching out to travel writers, social media influencers and bloggers of color to experience our town. While that is our focus we actively invite all to come and be part of Brattleboro!

How are we doing?

Here are media stories that we actively invited, pitched or placed.

@poorinaprivateplane loves us!
Travel  Writers Aysia & Meagan: “People here want community. The people have an open mentality that inspires you to create, and inspires you to stay.”
@poorinaprivateplane visited from New York and shares some great pics!

Recent blogger visit to Brattleboro.

Campaign Report January 2020 – October 2020.

#LoveBrattleboroVT Campaigns

Here’s some of our past advertisements or social media posts!

These images all focused on inviting people to come visit Brattleboro and fall in love with the happenings, the people, and our incredible outdoor activities. We predict that you will come back, bring friends, and maybe even decide to live here!

Thank you to our volunteer advisory team!

Zon Eastes, Juno Orchestra
Curtiss Reed, VT Partnership for Fairness & Diversity
Francesca Bourgault, Windham Movement Apparel
Anne Latchis, Latchis Arts
Leda Scheintaub, Dosa Kitchen
Casey Haynes, BDCC
Lissa Weinmann, 118 Elliot & The Words Project
Lindsay Fahey, The Retreat Farm
Tracey John, Vermont Country Deli


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