Our Mission

To nurture and support the vitality of downtown Brattleboro through art, commerce, recreation, and education.


The DBA is the official non-profit Designated Downtown Organization for the Town of Brattleboro, providing access to grants, technical assistance, and networking opportunities. Our programming is funded by grants, donations and a special assessment tax on downtown properties in the Downtown Improvement District.

The DBA works with members, including the downtown property owners, to develop a work plan and budget. Before submitting these to the town, DBA members vote and approve the work plan and budget.

The DBA is led by a volunteer Board of Directors which includes local business owners, property owners, educators, and town representatives. The DBA has a staff of 4 and many incredible volunteers. 


The DBA works with members on a variety of subjects and projects. Below are some of the benefits that the DBA provides to its community.

  • We work with downtown property owners and members, to develop a work plan and budget. Before submitting these to the town, DBA members vote and approve the work plan and budget.
  • We provide relationship-building and guidance for local businesses to partner on mutually beneficial projects. We also are open to collaborating with organizations and individuals in the community!
  • We support consensus-building among local businesses on decisions where unity benefits the entire downtown district.
  • We support and provide innovation and leadership in approaches that build the local economy. Check out the Everyone Eats project.
  • We help with event creation and promotion of existing events in Brattleboro.
  • We foster change-making through projects and local collaborations. We hope to influence people to use and think about local spaces and places differently through town beautification initiatives like the Downtown Flower Program.
  • We support thought leadership and collaborations with community leaders, to drive positive innovation in rural downtown development.

How to Support the DBA

The DBA is supported by you! The more paying members we have, the stronger we are as an organization, and the more we can do for our community. You can support the DBA and Downtown Brattleboro in many ways, but here are two important ones to consider:

If you are within the DID lines become a paying member to receive voting privileges. We rely on paying members to guide our annual budget with their votes. Connect with us on our social media to see what we’re up to


Since the pandemic, DBA continues to help our members navigate the constantly changing landscape of shutdowns and reopenings, evolving safety mandates, reduced revenue, a deluge of essential information, and the shared trauma of a global health crisis, which have made for an unthinkably difficult time for all downtown business owners. We created programs like the 48-hour Gift Card Challenge, the Nourishing Artists program, and Everyone Eats! to support our community during this pandemic and support you all financially as you try to find your path to move forward.

Through the one2one Project, we offer continued guidance and strengthened the mutual support network that we have nurtured. DBA has been working hard on active place-making projects like the downtown dining parklets. The parklets have successfully increased business for participating restaurants, along with growing the energy and sense of community for those walking downtown. We’ve coordinated with local muralists and organizations like Ask the River and Brattleboro Area Interfaith Youth Group to spruce the parklets up with art, local musicians, and beyond. Despite unprecedented circumstances, we are committed to keeping our town vibrant!

While some of our favorite pre-COVID events might not be coming back for a while, I would be remiss not to mention the fun we had this past fall and winter with BrattleBOO in collaboration with the Recreation and Parks Department; the Bratt LUV Crawl, which pairs tastemakers from all over VT with our local shops for a sampling tour; the Alley Lane pop-up; and the Elliot Street Block Party, which brought games, food, and music to the street for an evening of enjoyment.

And we continue to support you by beautifying Main Street through our flower program and promoting downtown happenings on social media, in our newsletter, and through Planagogo.

There are many reasons to value DBA, and everyone has their favorite. Find more about what on our Facebook page. Whatever your reason, we’d love to have you join us!

A Year of Growth

We’ve had incredible growth this year. One of our biggest achievements has been growing taking over Gallery Walk and successfully reimagining and relaunching the community event.


October 30th: BrattleBOO! 4:00-6:00
November 4th: Gallery Walk Debrief Meeting 10:00-12:00 on The Whetstone Deck.

Board Meetings – Third Tuesday of Every Month

We will meet from 12:00pm – 1:15pm on Zoom.  The standing meeting ID for our Zoom meetings each month is: 810 125 8347.


For the latest news and happenings in Downtown Brattleboro and in the DBA, please email us, join our newsletter, or visit us on Facebook!

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