Located in the heart of the Connecticut River Valley and surrounded by rolling hills and green mountains, Downtown Brattleboro has plenty to offer.

From incredible dining, shopping, and entertainment options to a thriving arts community and outdoor adventures, everyone is bound to find something that thrills them downtown! The Downtown Brattleboro Alliance invites you to experience the delightfully charming and special place we call home.

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Gallery Walk ’22

Still ON: August 5th, 5:00-9:00 | Inside Only Version

How will you do Gallery Walk?


Gallery Walk is still happening this Friday… just the “inside only” version! So grab your galoshes and raincoat to take in the art that is all around us. There will be no street closure or Harmony Lot closure because of the forecasted rain. This means no Market, block party live music, community table and food trucks. But don’t worry they will be back next month.

Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery hosts an art auction with Vale Burns. You will see a collection of encaustic and embroidered pieces that combine science and art like you have never seen before. We love Vale and are excited for her to be showing in town again!
Here are some highlights:Mitchell • Giddings Fine Arts exhibition opening and artist reception is with Larry Simons: Live It Up: wood and mixed media assemblages and sculpture created “…from whatever I find”. This is a homecoming exhibit for Simons, past owner of A Candle In the Night and present home of Mitchell-Giddings.
Stop by Harmony Collective to see the beautiful work of Kathie Capara whose art is a creative response to life and the world around us. Stop by The Collective where Joselyn Sullivan will be showcased. This body of work is inspired by an alternative counter-culture fascinated with nature’s dark side. It began with the annual artistic, and cultural event “Inktober” and continued as an examination of the ink medium, mark making, and dark imagery.

Stop by Harmony Collective to see the beautiful work of Kathie Capara whose art is a creative response to life and the world around us. And HatchSpace will be popping up in the old Malisun storefront off of Harmony Lot. Go check them out!
Also there will still be live music inside the Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main St. and gallery #7 in the Gallery Walk program.
Come back in September to visit our beloved market curated by the Brattleboro Flea, food trucks galore and full artful streets programming!

Questions??? Stop by Downtown Brattleboro Alliance tent at the entrance of Harmony Lot. We have answers


Check out some of the projects the Downtown Brattleboro Alliance is making a reality!
You can learn more about our range of community projects on the Projects Page.


EVERYONE EATS was extended through September 30, 2022. We will be distributing 3,000+ meals each week through September with the help of our community organizations in Brattleboro, Newfane, Guilford, Townsend Putney, Marlboro, and Dummerston.

Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursdays after 5:00 at the Retreat Farm Farmstand: FREE.
Tuesday & Wednesday at Winston Prouty after 3:00: FREE.

With more than 200 volunteers, over 300,000 meals and many many pounds of Vermont produce and products the Everyone Eats continues to serve!

Statewide the many partnerships have generated over $22 million in revenue for Vermont restaurants who in turn have made prepared 1.8 million nourishing meals highlighting ingredients from VT farmers and food producers for neighbors experiencing food insecurity. This program is only possible because of the countless individuals who have stepped forward to help one another in times of need.

Thank you to the volunteers who support us!  Thank you to the 21 community organizations who distribute these meals. Thank you to the restaurants for your delicious meals!


We invite media writers and social media influencers to our community! We are specifically focusing on writers from the BIPOC community. Our goal is to provide a welcoming invitation to spend time in our community.

We have great news on a recent success: ZPOTS, our newest gallery on Main St. is included on HerMoney in a feature titled “Mother’s Day Gifts under $100“.

Check out more about this project and more that the Downtown Brattleboro Alliance is making a reality! You can learn more about our range of community projects on the Projects Page.


The Downtown Brattleboro Alliance is a 5013c not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to nurture and support the vitality and sustainability of downtown through art, commerce, outdoor recreation and education.
The DBA builds relationships between local businesses, provides guidance, and collaborations. We partner with organizations and community members on projects that benefit the community and promote innovation and growth. We shine a light on all great things that are happening in our community!


With COVID-19 still affecting our daily lives, we ask you to please continue following all guidelines for social distancing, mask wearing, and travel. Please click the button below to read about Vermont’s current Travel Policies and Business Closures/Restrictions.


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