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Here are local sources for cloth masks.

Thank you, community!

Please contact sellers/makers directly for details.
Let us know if you have additions or corrections, and check back often!

Nourishing Artists Program: Sign Up Here

All artists who practice in any field of art and who live, work, teach, exhibit, practice, and/or perform their art in Brattleboro are encouraged to apply.

COVID-19 has created unsure times, loss of jobs and gigs, and a pause in all sectors, but we at DBA are acutely aware that for artists in particular, the end will not come soon enough.

You are an essential part of our community. To show our appreciation, we have created a matching gift campaign that will give a number of Brattleboro artists a delicious free meal from one of our downtown restaurants. We hope that it will put a smile on your face, nourish your body, or offset a food expense so you can spend money elsewhere.

Here’s how it works: Shoppers buy gift certificates from retail shops and services from May 13th at 9 am to May 14th at 9 am. Donors will match the amount they spent. Restaurants will each receive up to $1000 in match money, which covers the cost of up to 50 meals on a given evening. Artists – that’s you! – will receive and enjoy those meals, compliments of the amazing synergy of downtown shoppers, merchants, restaurants, and, of course, our generous donors.

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