What is Everyone Eats?

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make Everyone Eats! such an incredible success. Between August 1, 2020 and March 31, 2023, Everyone Eats! distributed 409,681 meals in the Brattleboro area with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

Everyone Eats! used federal FEMA and state legislative funds to buy and distribute to-go meals made by local restaurants for eaters who have been negatively impacted by COVID. Meals included a minimum of 10% Vermont-grown and Vermont-produced ingredients, multiplying the benefit across eaters, restaurants, and local farmers/producers.

Our 30 participating Brattleboro-area restaurants used an average of of 24% local ingredients, sourcing ingredients from local and other Vermont farms and food producers.

Downtown Brattleboro Alliance in Brattleboro served as the sponsoring organization for the Brattleboro Everyone Eats! hub and played an essential role in the development of the Vermont Everyone Eats program across the state. Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA) in Westminster acted as the statewide sponsor for all 14 hubs across the state, while the VT Agency for Commerce and Community Development (ACCD) acted as a financial liaison between FEMA and SEVCA.

If you are in need of meals after 3/31/23, contact 211 for the most up-to-date information.

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Due to the pandemic more households are eligible for benefits and all households receive the maximum monthly benefit. As always, there are enough 3SquaresVT benefits for all who are eligible! The more people that apply, the more people get benefits–never worry that by receiving benefits, someone else isn’t getting them.

Text VFBSNAP to 85511 to see if you are eligible for 3SquaresVT or visit their website here for more information!


EE! Localvore App

You can use the Localvore Digital Voucher Program to request a meal.

Anyone who would like to can use the Localvore Passport app to redeem Everyone Eats meals. First create a username and password at: EveryoneEatsVT.com. Then download the Localvore Passport app on your phone, log in with your newly created username and password, and click on the EE! heart in the bottom bar. Click on a participating restaurant to see meal options, ordering, and pick up instructions.  


Hunger Free Vermont has a list on their website that can help you connect with a variety of food resources: See “How You & Your Neighbors Can Access Food“.

Who is behind Everyone Eats?

The Brattleboro team is:

Amanda Witman (Restaurant Liaison / Project Administrator)
Max Magen (Organization Liaison / Hub Site Manager)

Many thanks to Stephanie Bonin, who helped create the program and served as Program Director through June 2022.

Thank you to our powerful Brattleboro hub coalition: Food Connects, Vermont Foodbank, Food Works, Putney Food Shelf, Putney Mutual Aid, VT Agency of Human Services, VT Agency of Commerce & Community Development (ACCD), and Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA).

We began distributing meals in August 2020. The Everyone Eats program was funded entirely by FEMA from August 2020 through June 2022 to ease COVID-related challenges. Currently the program is funded 10% by a VT State Legislature allocation and 90% by FEMA. The funds are distributed through a grant provided by the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development to Southeastern Vermont Community Action.


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