WORDS Project

An exploration and celebration of the rich cultural history of the Brattleboro area through a literary lense.

From Abenakis using writing to defend their homeland and Lucy Terry, regarded as the first African-American poet, to Nobel Prize winners, early ‘firsts’ in publishing and printing, Brattleboro and its environs have a rich and varied history of words. Many visitors and residents are unaware of this history because it has been scattered and obscure.

“Peoples, Places, and History of Words in Brattleboro, Vermont” will explore how this history is embedded in particular places and reveal these treasures through accessible, collaborative activities, events and products including a book on the town’s printing/publishing history and creative podcast maps for walking, biking and driving tours around Brattleboro. The Project will thus stimulate tourism and wider interest in Brattleboro while enhancing community connections to the history and places we share.

The Project is seeking to match a four-year, $150,000 National Endowment for the Humanities ‘Creating Humanities Communities’ grant, which will amplify and enrich the work of partnering institutions: Marlboro College, the Brattleboro Literary Festival, the Brattleboro Historical Society, Brooks Memorial Library and Write Action.   The Windham Southeast Educational Supervisory Union, Downtown Brattleboro Alliance and The Commons, among others, are key collaborators.


118 Elliot
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

(802) 451-0729